The Wanderlist: Piet Boon Bonaire

Piet Boon is a designer based in Amsterdam whom I first learned about from a former co-worker (hi, Jess!).  Boon began his career as a contractor, but found himself in a designer’s dilemma – he was either building beautiful houses that weren’t functional, or building functional houses that weren’t beautiful.  So, in 1982 he founded Studio Piet Boon; he has been making the world more beautiful and functional ever since.

If you are dreaming about a Caribbean vacation, Piet Boon Bonaire is the ultimate getaway.  This collection of eight villas are designed in the spirit of the island’s cunucu houses, and, yet, the architecture and interiors are unmistakenly Piet Boon.  

Rich with sunlight, lofty, airy ceilings and stone floors, it is the perfect mix of modern, barefoot style that speaks to me.  And you can’t go wrong with the minimalist furniture (and an occasional hammock), open air kitchens, private pools and the spectacular views.

Each villa has four bedrooms, so I’m currently accepting applications for three other couples who want to escape to Bonaire and enjoy this oceanfront design paradise with us!  Check out Piet Boon Bonaire here.

All images via Piet Boon Bonaire.

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