The Wanderlist: Peacock Pavilions – Marrakech, Morocco

One thing you should know about me – I absolutely, truly, undoubtedly love travel.  I basically want to see the world. The list of places I’ve been is long, but the list of places I want to see is even longer. That is why I felt passionately about building in regularly-featured Wanderlists to this blog.

Travel is inspiring.  It opens your eyes. It expands your mind.  Seeing new ways to live, trying new foods and experiencing new cultures all feed my creativity and are a huge source of inspiration.  Even better if I can do all of that while also staying in a place that showcases great design.

The Wanderlist is going to be a curated collection of places I’ve stayed personally, and places I’d love to stay on my next trip!  For our first feature, we wanted to get personal and share one of our favorite places in the world: Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, Morocco.  I was lucky enough to spend a week here in November 2015 on a yoga retreat. (Yoga is another great love of mine.)

Photos: Peacock Pavilions.

Peacock Pavilions is a boutique hotel in an olive grove outside of Marrakech.  Created by Maryam Montague, an author, blogger and designer, and her husband, it is an oasis of calm outside the chaos (which I mean in the best possible way) of the city. Maryam and her family (including her husband, 2 children, 3 peacocks, 5 cats who happen to have their own instagram account, and one yellow lab) live at Peacock Pavilions, so you are literally being invited into their home and you feel like a welcomed friend.  It’s like staying with a friend, if your best friend is uber talented and has fabulous taste.

I stayed in the room on the left! Photos: Peacock Pavilions.

In additional to being incredibly talented, Maryam is also a philanthropist, seeking to empower women.  Peacock Pavilions supports Project Soar, a non-profit organization established to empower Moroccan girls through art and sports, as well as health and English language education.  Maryam also recently launched Agent GirlPower, an ethical, feminist fashion brand aimed at creating solidarity between Arab and Western feminists.

Anytime I can combine my love of design and travel (and yoga) while also supporting businesses that are invested in empowering women, I’m all in.  

Photos: Peacock Pavilions.

Fall in love with Peacock Pavilions here.

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