The Habitude Files: Teen Room Refresh

It’s almost officially summer, but, as far as Charlotte children and teens are concerned – it’s officially summer vacation. We thought this first week of #summer2018 would be the perfect time to share a recent update we did for a teenage boy’s room.  If anything, the end of another school year is a good reminder that kids are continually growing and changing; summer can be a great time for a fresh update.

This project was not a full room design; it was a refresh to reflect the more mature guy who was now occupying it.  By high school (if not sooner), it is pretty typical for kids to show more interest in how their room looks and feels.  Usually they want it to feel “cooler” and not like a kid’s bedroom or playroom. In this respective case, the framed sports posters and bean bag chair weren’t cutting it any longer.

We kept all the major furniture in this room which is an important lesson to note – with teens heading off to college in a few years, it may not always make sense to invest in a complete room overhaul; BUT – there are plenty of options to update the room and make it feel like a cool place teens will want to hang out in and call home.

In this case, we chose to give the room a more mature feel by swapping out the bean bag chair for a more streamlined lounge chair from Restoration Hardware Teen; we then added an organization system to the closet, changed the ceiling fan to a more modern option, refreshed the bedding and (my favorite part!) got rid of the sports posters and created a gallery wall with pictures that reflect this guy’s interests.  

One pretty cool touch for child AND parent – we also hung his guitars on the wall so they double as art and free up floor space. 

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