The Habitude Files: Can a Guest Bedroom Be Too Inviting?

Have you ever stayed overnight in a beautiful, inviting guest bedroom, and thought, ‘I could really, truly stay here.’  That’s exactly how we felt about the bold and colorful, yet cozy and warm guest bedroom we completed several months ago.

This bedroom was also completed as an eDesign project, so if you’ve wondered how that process works, allow us to walk you through it.

All eDesign projects begin with an initial consultation in your home. (If you live out of town, we’re more than happy to preview the space via Skype or Facetime.)

When this particular guest bedroom project kicked off, we were lucky enough to see that we would be starting with a completely clean slate. This sweet family had just moved in to a new home and were expecting lots of visitors eager to spend time with the family and their first child.

The time together during our initial consultation gives us a chance to get to know each other; from my designer’s perspective, I enjoy being able to experience the rest of your home, too, so that I can get a feel for your style, how you live, and what you will need for this space to work seamlessly into how your family spends time together. This first conversation is about you – what you love about your style, the pieces you can’t live without, how you live daily and how you need the space to support you. In this respective project, the main goal was to create a warm and inviting guest room, but we also wanted to carve out a small workspace for those occasional work from home days. We never leave the initial consultation without measuring the space, so you don’t have to worry about that.

After the initial consultation, my first step is to determine the best floorplan and furniture layout. In this project, because of the location of the bathroom door, the closet and the window, this was pretty intuitive for me. There are more opportunities for floorplans and layouts the larger the space or the more flexibility there is.

Then, we focus on the overall design direction. This is where your input as the client is so important! We really want to get to know you and see any inspiration pictures you have, or even better, a link to your Pinterest page. Link here for one of the images that served as inspiration for this room.

Based on your inspiration and our time together, we’ll partner and collaborate on the design direction. From there, all that is left is for us to put together your design board and shopping list. Below you can see that in the initial design board we went with a softer pink palette, but the shopping list also included an option using a bolder magenta palette, which is what the client chose.

We always talk through your design board and shopping list when we provide it so that we can answer any questions you might have. Then it’s up to you shop, order and install everything provided in the plan.

Warning: Warm, inviting guest rooms will always inspire guests to stay longer.


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