The Habitude Files: A Master Bedroom Reinvented

Get ready. This post has some pretty dramatic before and after pics coming at you.  

We love this master bedroom project because it shows clearly and crisply what we hope to accomplish in all of our projects: creating a beautiful, simple space that makes you feel good about coming home at the end of the day.  (I think we can all agree we’d rather come home to the “after” picture – and would feel great about it.)

This client shares our love of mid-century architecture and furniture.  He already owned an amazing mid-century dresser that we kept in the room. I sourced some great vintage mid-century nightstands from Etsy and we had them refinished at Reinvented Charlotte.  (Special note: If you’re not familiar with Reinvented Charlotte, it’s a great place to source your own mid-century and vintage finds!)


Another thing that makes this project unique: our client is a recently-divorced man, and he’s color vision deficient (aka – color blind).  Color blindness impacts people differently, but generally makes certain colors difficult to differentiate from others. While orange might not be what you think of in a typical master bedroom, orange is one of the colors he loves, so we used that as the pop of color and layered in warm grays and navy to balance it out.  

This bedroom was a complete renovation. Everything from carpet to paint; furniture and window treatments.  We think it’s the perfect spot for our bachelor to get a fresh start!

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