The Habitude Files: A Laundry Room in Need of Storage

One of the biggest requests we get from clients is for more storage.  It doesn’t matter the client’s style, budget, or design preferences, everyone wants storage.  And this laundry room was no exception.

This laundry room was a big space in a beautiful house. But – as is sometimes the case – it fell to the bottom of the priority list as construction wrapped up.  A year after moving in, the homeowner brought me in to bring some order and style to the space. Because the house was recently constructed, we kept the existing floors, paint and window shutters.  We added gorgeous new cabinetry with ample storage space, hanging rods for drying clothes, a sink for handwashing, and a stunning countertop that blended the grey tones of the cabinetry the client wanted, with the more taupe tones of the existing floor tile.  

In addition to the storage, all the fun details like the glass bubble knobs and the beautiful faucet make this a space I wouldn’t mind doing laundry in.

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