Charlotte Makers: Basal Coffee

Basal Coffee opened just a few months ago in Charlotte’s FreeMoreWest neighborhood; it has quickly become one of our favorite spots to grab a unique coffee or host a quick meeting.  

Founded by Bryce Lauger and located next to LaCa Projects (a Latin American contemporary art gallery), Basal has already brought fresh energy and new creativity to the coffee scene here. Basal offers coffee, pastries, waffles (YES.), and seasonal drinks.  I had a meeting there last Friday and can personally attest that the Hakuna-Matcha-tah (pineapple juice, sweet lemons, matcha and fresh mint) is the perfect refreshing drink for summer.  


Basal is also cultivating community. Perfect example: every other Tuesday they offer story time for parents and kids.  Parents enjoy their coffee and kids enjoy a story, and – if they are lucky – a glass of leche rosada, otherwise known as strawberry milk. Of course, Basal’s is homemade, organic and available in dairy or non-dairy milk.  In addition, they partnered with North Corner Haven for fresh produce, Suarez Bakery for fresh pastries, and Narcisse Greenway for a Mother’s Day popup.  As a firm believer in community partnerships, I couldn’t be more excited to see Basal cultivating these relationships so organically.

True story: I wrote everything above before I went digging to find out the meaning behind their logo.  From left to right, the symbols of their logo indicate value, nourishment, community and creativity.  Basal Coffee is obviously doing things right. I didn’t need the explanation from their website to know what they are all about.  You feel it the minute you walk in there.

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