8 Beautiful, Simple Ways to Re-Invent Your Guest Bedroom

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Guest bedrooms can be beautiful spaces and opportunities to share your style with the people you love.

Here are some of our favorites strategies to inspire a guest bedroom reinvention, taking it to the next level without a complete overhaul.

  1. Add a carafe with some water on the bedside table.
  2. Leave a few current magazines on the bedside table for your guests to read before bed.
  3. Provide a small box or tray in the room where guests can safely keep their jewelry, keys, etc.
  4. Make a luggage rack available for their suitcases or overnight bags.
  5. Make an easy-to-operate sound machine available.
  6. Pamper them with candles and matches and beautiful bath or shower products. We love the grapefruit Nest candle!
  7. Provide multiple bedding layers to accommodate a late-night snuggle or early morning chill.
  8. Sleep in the room one night yourself to see if everything is a comfortable as you think it is.



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